Thriving by Design Blueprint Convening: Day One defining problems, discussing connections

We’ve had a great start at the convening  looking at the equity blueprint problem statements:

  • Human Potential (green)
  • Economic Development (blue)
  • Physical Infrastructure (red)
  • Environment & Natural Resources (yellow)
  • Democracy & Civic Engagement (white dot)

We started with discussions about each topic, fleshing them out to 100+ subtopics. Then attendees worked to recognize intersectionality by cross referencing the topics. Specifically attendees looked at the large list of topics, organized by problem statements (listed above) and if they could make a connection between the two they left a dot to connect them. So under Physical Infrastructure, I find broadband. If I see a connection between Human Potential and broadband, I can leave a green dot there. (As seen below.)

You can see the process in the videos below. The colors listed about are the colors used – to give you a glimpse at where people made connections.

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