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Cents of Empowerment


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We were inspired to start Cents of Empowerment after too many community members were mentioning debt as a barrier to buying a home, starting a new business, or sending their kids to college. We also experienced an outcry of young adults saying classes in high school don't prepare them for the actual "real world" and have found they have no idea where to start with finances as they move into adulthood. Bringing all of these issues into consideration, we built the idea of accessible financial literacy with a twist!
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Cents of Empowerment is a project that uses a refurbished food truck to travel around to different community hubs and provide financial literacy lessons. We do this through printed education, an online app, and in-person training.

Our effort was built through too many of our community members not understanding the basic foundation of money and how they can best utilize it to empower themselves and their community. We collaborate with community recreation centers, schools, and local credit unions for setup and training space.

Our participants range from elementary school children all the way up to those transitioning into their later lives. We tailor our education to what those in the room already know, and build upon that knowledge to further their understanding of saving and investing money.

Cents of Empowerment makes financial literacy fun and we have seen a change in our community due to the project. We're just getting started and believe that others across the state of Minnesota could find value in starting their own Cents of Empowerment projects!

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*Human Capital
*Economic Development
Climate Action
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Through building individual understanding of finance and smart money practices, we are giving our community members the tools to save and spend smart. This, in turn, benefits our economy and opens doors for some who might want to eventually start their own business.
What do you hope for the future of this effort in your community? 
Cents of Empowerment hopes that we can not only build financial knowledge in our community through our organizational efforts, but also eventually work to change local curriculum in our high schools to include financial literacy classes. We could continue to partner with schools, but with the added foundation of set courses that all students must complete before graduation. In the long term we hope to see this knowledge transform into generations of change.

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