Big News! The Blueprint is out!

Thriving by Design – Rural & Urban Together is a bold joint effort by and Growth & Justice to spark a movement for Minnesota that builds a new future for our state where all Minnesotans can thrive together. After a year of convening Minnesotans, we are unveiling our Minnesota Equity Blue Print for Minnesota that includes dozens of policy recommendations for the legislature, State and local communities. The chapters of the Blue Print include:

The Process

This is a document and a movement for and of the people – a truly unique process. It began with a multi-day convening in Upper Sioux Community & Granite Falls with a diversity of people from all over the state. They talked, they listened, maybe they argued but in the end they came up with a list of hundreds of things Minnesotans care about. Collectively they prioritized that list.

We brought that list to communities and neighbors around the state in small groups hosted by locals. More discussion, listening and deciding.

The Future

The staff members at Thriving by Design have been compiling the reports based on citizen participation and we are now rolling out the blue print but that doesn’t mean we’re finished. We are here to keep the momentum going with more local meetings, more participation, more digging and sharing as we prepare to take it to legislators and local leaders. Please contact us if you want to join the network!

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