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The Minnesota Equity Blueprint provides both practical immediate solutions and long-term aspirational goals in response to our state’s most pressing challenges, for the new decade of the 20s and beyond.

The Blueprint is designed to give direction to individuals and community groups and businesses, along with a policy framework for local and state governments seeking to build a more inclusive long-term prosperity. Our foundational premise is that real prosperity can only happen when all Minnesotans are included, when all our untapped human potential is fully realized and fairly compensated, and when a greener, cleaner and more sustainable environment is achieved.

Both the challenges and solutions were identified through a deliberative process of community listening sessions organized as the Thriving by Design Network (TBDN). Two large statewide conferences were held, along with more than a dozen community meetings over a year and a half. The Growth & Justice Blueprint project team also sought input from many other non-partisan organizations involved in equity work, digging deep into available research and conducting our own original research, when needed.

Throughout the Blueprint drafting process we stressed the importance of equity and inclusion. We found that Minnesotans living in the bottom half of the economy and those who have historically been excluded from centers of power — including tribal nations, communities of color, refugees and immigrants, people living in rural regions — are organized, optimistic, knowledgeable and ready to determine and improve their own destinies.

Inside Progress Report 2019 is a brief summary and preview of the four chapters of the Blueprint: Human Capital, Economic Development, Physical Infrastructure, and Environmental Resilience.

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