Policy & Advocacy

Thriving by Design participants release 2019-2020 Policy Priorities at the MN State Capitol during the start of the legislative session.

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Community Rollouts

The One Minnesota Equity Blueprint is rolled out in sections across Minnesota communities in 2019, with a final release in 2020.

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Great Minnesota Connect

Thriving by Design network members reconnect for the launch of Bee Amazing Minnesota Community Pilots.

Thriving by Design - Rural & Urban Together

process to create the One Minnesota Equity Blueprint

WHAT:  A statewide gathering of Minnesota residents to begin and follow-thru on a six-month process – Thriving by Design - Rural & Urban Together - to create a comprehensive policy agenda and socioeconomic contract - the One Minnesota Equity Blueprint - for achieving rural-urban and racial economic equity and inclusive growth.

1)  Create the One Minnesota Equity Blueprint, to integrate inclusion and equity into all strategies for community and economic vitality across Minnesota.

2)  Build a statewide structure of multi-layered networks to achieve and implement outcomes.

3)  Work together ongoing to achieve and implement outcomes at policy and practice levels, as a multi-year coordinated network effort.

HOW: Combine legislative advocacy and community efforts to put policy into practice. Work with local communities to pilot One Minnesota Equity Blueprint strategies as an innovative frame for community and economic development to further inform opportunities moving forward.

We’ll continue to take policy recommendations to the Governor and Legislature for consideration and continue to work with and learn from communities that generated the initial Equity Blueprint recommendations; they are the ultimate source of community wisdom and the crucible for positive community change to be shared statewide through the TBD Network.

CONTEXT: The Equity Blueprint represents an opportunity to modernize community and economic development strategies that benefit all Minnesotans, potentially for the first time since legislative leaders and regional community leaders collaborated in the late 1980s to construct the last comprehensive metro-rural socioeconomic contract.

Thirty years later, as communities rapidly diversify and new challenges arise, we must continue to correct and close disparities across racial, regional and economic lines to build a more equitable society and economy. Metro prosperity is interdependent with greater Minnesota prosperity; we together must embrace equity and inclusion as key drivers to realize a thriving, inclusive economy that corrects racial and regional disparities and leverages our growing diversity to power a healthy, environmentally sustainable future for all.

This is a critical juncture for equity and inclusive policy creation across Minnesota. We’ve made headway in 2018, growing the TBD Network, engaging community conversations, and developing a short-term plan. Moving forward we envision the One Minnesota Equity Blueprint as a roadmap for the next 10 years on the pathway to shared, sustainable prosperity for all Minnesotans.