Growth & Justice and to co-host Thriving by Design

Growth & Justice and announced today that they are co-hosting a statewide
convening, Thriving by Design – Rural & Urban Together, in Granite Falls, MN on June 27-29, 2018, to
kick off a six-month community engagement process with Minnesotans to create a comprehensive
policy agenda — the One Minnesota Equity Blueprint — for achieving rural-urban and racial economic
equity and inclusive growth. “This will be the first rural-urban socioeconomic contract fully integrating
equity as the growth model. It honors and recognizes the strength of our diversity and our
interdependence as Minnesota people, places, and resources working together for the betterment of
all,” said Jane Leonard, President of Growth & Justice.

The Thriving by Design – Rural & Urban Together initiative represents the second phase of the
MN Rural Equity Project launched by Growth & Justice, an ambitious effort begun in early 2017 to shine
a light on persistent socioeconomic and public investment gaps throughout rural and Greater
Minnesota, and to create a “One Minnesota” policy framework for decision-makers in 2018 and beyond.
It also builds on years-long efforts by to lay the groundwork for a shared sustainable
prosperity for all, to “provide public policy recommendations that support and propel racial, social and
economic equity throughout state, county, local governments, agencies and corporations,” said Brett
Buckner, Managing Director of

Beginning with the kick-off gathering in June in Granite Falls, a statewide delegation of
Minnesota residents representing the future demographics of Minnesota will build upon existing policy
priorities from existing partner groups, including the 2018 legislative priorities of Growth & Justice and, to start designing a unified, comprehensive blueprint for achieving shared sustainable
prosperity in Minnesota.

The delegation and other participants in Granite Falls will learn about the issues before us as a
state and begin to build the outlines of the One Minnesota Equity Blueprint, using the Shared
Sustainable Prosperity (SSP) model and Community Capitals Framework (CCF) as a way to both
comprehensively organize and measure the subsequent outcomes of the Equity Blueprint over time.
In the proceeding months after Granite Falls, delegates will host further community input on the
draft blueprint through regional meetings and network of networks dissemination. At a concluding
statewide gathering in December 2018, delegates will finalize the One Minnesota Equity Blueprint to
present it to the new Governor, Legislature, and to the wider One Minnesota Equity Blueprint network
of networks.
The intended outcome of the Thriving by Design – Rural & Urban Together – One Minnesota
Equity Blueprint gatherings and process longer term is to achieve an inclusive economy, just society, and
vibrant democracy in Minnesota, with and for all Minnesotans (by measures of inclusive economy and
equity, civic engagement, and closing the education achievement gap) before or by 2033, Minnesota’s
175th statehood anniversary.
Funders for this initiative include the Blandin Foundation and Growth & Justice donors.
Registration for the Granite Falls event and Equity Blueprint delegate application forms open on April 16,
2018 at For more information until then, please contact Jane Leonard at or Sarah Leistico at Please click here to
access a Save-the-Date Flyer.
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ABOUT GROWTH & JUSTICE: Growth & Justice is a research and advocacy organization that develops
innovative public policy proposals based on independent research and civic engagement. We believe when
Minnesota makes smart investments in practical solutions it leads to broader prosperity for all. For more than
a decade we have been setting Minnesota’s progressive agenda by uniting people around one simple
philosophy: a robust state economy with widespread economic opportunity leads to a higher quality of life and
greater economic justice.

ABOUT ONEMN.ORG: is a research-based, advocacy, and communications nonpartisan multi
ethnic coalition working to create One Minnesota, with a mission to civically engage and empower
Minnesotans to establish shared sustainable prosperity and a shared vision towards racial equity, social and
economic inclusion. has been in existence for over a decade and has played a vital role on many
issues from voter empowerment and redistricting to business and workforce development.
“Equity is the superior growth model. Equity is both the antidote to inequality and the means to a
future where everyone can participate and prosper. Through an equity lens the strategies needed for all to
succeed are clear: jobs that pay decent wages, good education that prepares young people for the future and
provides skills for adults who need them, and the removal of racial barriers to economic inclusion and civic

– Angela Glover Blackwell, PolicyLink, All-in Nation – An America That Works For All
“It’s time for the narrative to shift from urban vs. rural to a shared economic future. Bridging the
economic divide between urban and rural areas will require states, regions and localities to understand
and bolster the relationship between urban and rural areas in economically meaningful and strategic
– National League of Cities,
Bridging the Urban Rural Divide

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