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Sprout - More than a food hub |

Sprout MN was formed based on the principle that we all eat, and that food is our connective tissue.

With the explosion of local foods, economic development focused on developing buyers; growers focused on growing growers to build the grower collaboration to provide for larger markets. Sprout MN was born. More than a food hub, a destination for community building, community development, and highlighting the cultures within the rural Central Minnesota Region - bridging the gaps between culture, agriculture, and art.


Equitable markets for marginalized small family farms.



Sprout's food hub supports over 80 small family farms - 15-20 significantly. Of these 15-20, the majority are Amish farms or those primarily operated by women. It is this human capital that drives the mission of Sprout.

Into the future

Welcoming. Inclusive. Strong Workforce. Shared goals, and the power to believe that while we may not always agree on the issues, we are driven by the desire to provide the kind of environment our children want to stay in, or come home to, where workforce development is inclusive of all. Where our region's citizens understand that we need everybody to color our world.

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