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Thriving by Design

Building a thriving inclusive economy for Minnesota |

Thriving by Design is a collective initiative to bridge rural and urban together, develop a network of individuals from across Minnesota, and produce the comprehensive Minnesota Equity Blueprint, all with a common goal towards a more thriving, inclusive economy.

Our effort was built through an initial statewide kickoff in June 2018 where Minnesotans from all backgrounds came together to develop initial policy ideas for an equitable economy. From that kickoff, we took to the road. Working with community delegates, Thriving by Design co-hosted community meetings about issues that resonate with communities. Through those conversations and policy briefs from on-the-ground researchers, we collected over 600 recommendations that eventually were scaled down into policy priorities for the 2019-2020 legislative biennium.

Currently, this community based input and recommendation list is being used to develop and write the Minnesota Equity Blueprint - a comprehensive policy document. Though our work may seem like trying to “boil the ocean,” the comprehensive approach is crucial to our effort. Seeing interconnections between policy goals is key to moving the needle for equity in Minnesota, addressing the many ways that socioeconomic struggle can manifest across industries, regions, sectors, and more. 

Our participants in the process cover a wide range of backgrounds and professions, including teachers, farmers, nonprofit leaders, elected officials, state employees, and economic development professionals to name a few. We share a common tie of wanting to build a better Minnesota for all, both in our communities and statewide.


Our effort was inspired by the increasing divides and economic and social inequities in Minnesota and the need to come together to switch course, build connections, and create collective solutions that will give all Minnesotans the opportunity to thrive in a shared sustainable economy.



For this project, Human Capital and Economic Development represent two areas in which we can imagine a future where Minnesotans are Thriving By Design. When we have a stable, growing state economy that can provide good, secure jobs for all its residents, we see Human Capital and Economic Development working in tandem to create regional and racial equity. While infrastructure, climate action, and democracy are also connected, their importance is connected to our human capital and giving people and communities a good sustainable quality of life. Human capital and economic development are driving themes throughout our work, uplifted by work in infrastructure, climate action, and democracy as well.

Into the future

We hope to use this work to affect real policy and practice change, build rural and urban community networks, and provide tools to others to empower their own community efforts. The end goal is a Minnesota in 2030 that is dramatically more connected, equitable, and thriving than before.

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