The Partnership

Thriving by Design - Rural & Urban Together is a bold joint effort by OneMN.org and Growth & Justice to spark a movement for Minnesota that builds a new future for our state where all Minnesotans can thrive together.

We are facilitating this through a continuous process that encourages a different approach to policy development and idea generation for communities, using a rural-urban, racial, and socioeconomic equity lens.

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Growth & Justice

Growth & Justice is a research and advocacy organization that develops innovative public policy proposals based on independent research and civic engagement. Growth & Justice believes when Minnesota makes smart investments in practical solutions it leads to broader prosperity for all.

For more than a decade the organization has been setting Minnesota’s progressive agenda by uniting people around one simple philosophy: a robust state economy with widespread economic opportunity leads to a higher quality of life and greater economic justice.

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OneMN.org is a research-based, advocacy, and communications nonpartisan multi ethnic coalition working to create One Minnesota, with a mission to civically engage and empower Minnesotans to establish shared sustainable prosperity and a shared vision towards racial equity, social and economic inclusion.

For more than a decade OneMN.org has been in existence and played a vital role on many issues from voter empowerment and redistricting to business and workforce development using the Shared Sustainable Prosperity Model.