TBD Powermail 06.05.19

The 2019 Minnesota Legislative Session has ended. Here is a breakdown of some items

that passed and what continued mobilization will be necessary moving into the 2020 Session.

Thank you to all the coalitions and organizations that committed themselves to advocacy, actions, and organizing that pushed Minnesota policy towards a more thriving and inclusive state. Although there is still much left to be desired from our Legislature in 2020, Minnesota is moving in the right direction.




  • $40 million for broadband development ($70 million initially proposed)
  • Continued funding for the Good Food Access Program
  • $78 million increase in housing investments - Homes for All MN
  • Create easy access to expunge unlawful detainers from rental history
  • 2% increase in the general education per pupil funding formula
  • $47 million to maintain 4,000 voluntary prekindergarten seats
  • Reinforce Minnesota Statute Section 135A.01 which requires legislature to fund 67% of the cost of public post-secondary education
  • Legacy Omnibus that allocates over $138 million to the Board of Water and Soil Resources - with $32 million for surface & drinking water protection and restoration
  • A requirement for all new public facilities to be LEED Certified
  • $60 million base increase in base spending 
  • $1.6 million in funding for Department of Administration to implement a 2020 Census Mobilization program
  • Automatic Voter Registration
  • Restore the Vote
  • Independent Redistricting Commission
  • (Almost) retaining the full Health Care Provider Tax at 1.8%
  • Raising manufacturer fees to address opioid addiction and fund prevention programs
  • Paid family and medical leave
  • Minnesota Care buy-in
  • Earned sick and safe time
  • Passage of wage theft prevention and enforcement
  • $150K for the Department of Commerce to do a cost-benefit analysis on energy storage technology
  • 100% renewable energy and decarbonization 2050 policies
  • Metropolitan Council EV bus purchase requirement
  • Task force on Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women
  • Over $600K for five drug treatment courts
  • Uniform Collateral Consequences of Conviction Act
  • Enacting just cause rules that prohibit landlords from evicting or denying housing based on criminal background
  • $100 monthly increase in MFIP
  • Expanding the Working Family Tax Credit
  • $26 million increase in Local Government Aid
  • Raise revenue for transportation and transit
  • Expansion of the Renters Credit
  • $23 million expansion of Metro Mobility
  • $50 million for Corridors of Commerce
  • Increased statewide investment in transportation infrastructure
  • Driver's Licenses for All
  • Incentivize businesses to pay for or provide employee transit