Rural & Urban Together

The June 27-29 kickoff event that launched the process to create the Equity Blueprint.

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Community Meetings

Building on the outline draft to crowdsource a plan with partners and communities from across MN.

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Blueprint Convening

Affirm recommendations for the Equity Blueprint to lead Minnesota to a thriving future.

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Thriving by Design - Rural & Urban Together

process to create the One Minnesota Equity Blueprint

WHAT:  A statewide gathering of Minnesota residents to begin and follow-thru on a six-month process – Thriving by Design - Rural & Urban Together - to create a comprehensive policy agenda and socioeconomic contract - the One Minnesota Equity Blueprint - for achieving rural-urban and racial economic equity and inclusive growth.

1)  Create the One Minnesota Equity Blueprint, to integrate inclusion and equity into all strategies for community and economic vitality across Minnesota.

2)  Build a statewide structure of multi-layered networks to achieve and implement outcomes.

3)  Work together ongoing to achieve and implement outcomes at policy and practice levels, as a multi-year coordinated network effort.

HOW:  Build from existing policy priorities of partners; enlarge the circle, work on designing a unified, comprehensive plan for achieving shared sustainable prosperity in Minnesota. Kick-off statewide gathering June 27-29, 2018, in Upper Sioux Community and Granite Falls, MN. Regional locally-hosted community input meetings September- October 2018. Final statewide gathering in December 2018. Social media dissemination throughout. One Minnesota Equity Blueprint ready for presentation to our new Governor and Legislature in January 2019, and back across networks statewide.

This will be the first rural urban partnering agenda set by and for Minnesotans since the 1980s and the first-ever statewide socioeconomic contract fully integrating equity as the growth model, honoring the strength of our diversity and our interdependence: Minnesota people, places, and resources working together. The One Minnesota Equity Blueprint is how we can come together in a shared vision, aligning resources for the betterment of all, for shared sustainable prosperity.

OUTCOMES:  Guided by the rural urban socioeconomic contract (the One Minnesota Equity Blueprint), achieve an inclusive economy, just society, and vibrant democracy in Minnesota, with and for all Minnesotans (by measures of inclusive economy and equity, civic engagement, and closing the education achievement gap) before or by 2033, Minnesota’s 175th statehood anniversary.

CONTEXT:  This action – to convene the initial gathering in Upper Sioux Community and Granite Falls, and hold follow-up working sessions to gather more Minnesota resident input across the state, working towards the collaborative creation of the One Minnesota Equity Blueprint -- continues the evolution of Growth & Justice’s work with its MN Rural Equity Project. It incorporates the work and wisdom of, which seeks OneMN – a shared sustainable prosperity for all Minnesotans, and, the MN Association of Development Organizations’ DevelopMN plan, which seeks to promote and create economic prosperity in Greater Minnesota. It incorporates the MN Asset Building Coalition’s policy priorities to provide opportunity for financially fragile Minnesotans to build wealth and climb the economic ladder. It borrows from experience and wisdom on multi-partisan participant recruitment and engagement developed by the Institute for Agriculture & Trade Policy in convening citizen juries for the recent Rural Climate Dialogues.